36 Times Dope: YO! MTV Raps Box Break (Part V)



The fifth installment of this 36-part series brings us a double shot of Vanilla. Word to your motha.

Click the name of the card for a full-size image.

Public Enemy (Card 62)

Just turned over the P.E. card and learned that Chuck D’s real name is Carlton Ridenhour, and Flavor Flav’s is William Drayton. I guess these two weren’t the first Will and Carlton.

FYI, I loved this video back in the day:

Vanilla Ice (Card 90)

My god, look at that hair. The phrase “freshly quaffed” comes to mind. The back of this card informs us that Ice was an opening act for Paula Abdul, EPMD, Public Enemy, Tone Loc AND NWA before touring with MC Hammer. I wonder what the back stage conversation was between Robert Van Winkle and Eric Wright

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud (Card 75)

I’m gonna be honest, I have no clue who these guys are. But apparently some 730 people want to be their friends on MySpace.

Tone Loc (Card 83)

Yes … Yes, Yes, Yes. Take a look at Tone Loc’s chest … WE HAVE OUR FIRST AFRICA LEATHER MEDALLION SIGHTING!

On a side note, I have a neighbor (about 45 years old, ex-cop) who used to drive into the neighborhood blasting “Wild Thing.” Did I mention this was like two years ago, the guy is white and looks like Santa Claus?

Eric B. & Rakim (Card 29)

I don’t really have much to say today about Eric B. & Rakim, although this card does remind me of a fashion no-no: Are those hood ornaments hanging from Rakim’s neck? Awesome!

Boogie Down Productions (Card 11)

Vanilla Ice (Card 86)

Nothing says cool like wearing a T-shirt featuring yourself. That said, there are there two other reasons why I love this card, and both are on the back. First off, the card states that Ice is the only artist to hit No. 1 on the show’s charts despite the fact that he never appeared on the show. Question: If Ice was never on the show, then why feature him here? They could have used that spot for the Fat Boys. (Name drop, just for Mario.) Secondly, look at the photo on the back, the “V” hand sign is classic. Fitting that I’d get two Ice cards in this pack, the fifth (Roman Numeral “V”) of the box

(click image for larger)

The Afros (Card 145)

Well, beside the obvious (the fact that only one man here has an afro), I also find humor in this video from their first album, “Kickin’ Afrolistics.”

Ed Lover & Doctor Dre (Card 117)

The back of the card is actually interesting. Apparently these two toured the country in 1990 and 1991, hosting dance and rap competitions at colleges.

Def Jef (Card 113)

Someone looks like Ice Cube from Three Kings.

Oaktown’s 3.5.7 (Card 135)

OH …

My …

God …

Instant Win (Lose) Card

Want to guess what it says?

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer — 2

Vanilla Ice — 3

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