A quick look at Topps Town (2009 Topps Baseball)

2009toppstowndaisukematsuzakaOK, let me say first that it’s pretty obvious that ToppsTown.com is a card and game Web site geared toward kids. I figured as such when I started pulling these coded cards from packs of 2009 Topps baseball this week, but I was curious what I might be missing out on.

The Topps Town stuff existed last year, but honestly I chucked every single card I pulled because they looked like they were just filler. This year, the cards feature actual players, so there is some collectible factor to them. They are seeded one per pack and each card features a special code on the back redeemable for nonsense on the Web site.

Having not checked out the site — I figured I’d try the code on my Daisuke Matsuzaka card since I was planning to keep it anyway — I had no idea what the codes are really good for. And after signing up and entering my code, I still have no idea. Want to know why? Because Topps Town does not recognize this code; says it is invalid. From the few seconds I’ve spent on the site thus far, it looks like 2009 Topps baseball has not been added to the system’s database. Good job, Topps.

And upon second look, I now see that the codes will not be activated until Feb. 13, per a large banner on the site. What the hell? Why on earth should collectors have to wait to enter their codes. This product went live the first week of February. I realize we’re only talking about a week and not seven months like I’m going to have to wait for my WBC Redemption card, but this thing should have been active BEFORE these cards hit the market.

As noted earlier, this site looks to be geared more toward kids stuff — internet games, virtual cards, cartoon nonsense and the such — so I’ll stay away, but my curiosity is still piqued because I’m having flashbacks on 2000 and 2001 Upper Deck e-Volve insert cards. Those cards sucked, but they were redeemable (possibly) for autographed cards. I just want to make sure I’m not missing the same thing here.

Anyone have any experience with the site?

2 Responses to “A quick look at Topps Town (2009 Topps Baseball)”

  1. […] to Topps for making sure their Topps Town promotion was up and running on time. Last week I expressed my disappointment with Topps for not having its Topps Town promotion up an running on the date (Feb. 4) the product […]


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