Whoa, another year-old TTM Request has arrived

2007allengintersabathiaautoWhat can I say. The last few month have been good to me in regards to older through the mail autograph requests. First it was Daisuke Matsuzaka, then Chipper Jones, and today I received one I’d pretty much forgotten about; one of the newest additions to the New York Yankees, Mr. C.C. Sabathia.

I sent my request to the Indians Spring Training camp on Feb. 11, 2008. And it arrived today  — 361 days later — post marked from Oakland, Calif., the nearest major postal hub to Sabathia’s home in Vallejo, Calif.

This is a nice addition to my collection and one of the better looking TTM returns I’ve received. The Allen & Ginter cards really provide a nice and inexpensive piece to get signed. The other card, 2004 Upper Deck Vintage, looks nice too, but it was creased in the mail.


Initially I thought this was kind of an odd time to receive Sabathia’s signature since he and other pitchers do not report to their Spring Training sites for another week. But judging by the other Sabathia success reported at SportsCollectors.net (mine is the first from the 2008 Spring Training batch) about 99 percent of Sabathia successes take about a year. Well worth the wait in my mind.

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