36 Times Dope: YO! MTV Raps Box Break (Part VI)



The sixth installment of this 36-part series brings us the first appearance of the S1Ws, KRS-One and a group that has gained my respect, almost 20 years after their existence.

LL Cool J (Card 44)

I’m gonna guess LL is not singing “I Need Love” right here.

Public Enemy (Card 60)

Back of this card features a photo of the S1W’s.

Stetsasonic (Card 73)

I had no idea who these guys were until five minutes ago and after watching this video (below), I love em. Apparently these guys do something unheard of … they play their own instruments. Much respect. Screw Puffy …

Young MC (Card 100)

Hell yeah …

KRS-One (Card 43)

See, here’s my problem: I know these songs but never took the time to appreciate the artists. Some throwback sh*t right here.

Tone Loc (Card 84)

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. Super Bowl XXIII? Old school.

Paris (Card 70)

BWP (Card 109)

Damn, that Bytch on the right has Problems. Guns don’t solve problems, they just create more. Just ask Slick Rick.

Ed Lover & Doctor Dre (Card 118 )

This card makes me think Ed Lover is gonna stun Dre like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Def Jef (Card 114)

I just figured out who this guy REALLY like — “Cole” from “Martin.”

Rappin’ Is Fundamental (Card 140)

Ha, one of these guys is named “Jr. The Stone Cold Lover.” That is awesome.

Instant Win (Lose) Card

Seriously, we need a new non-winner message. This is six packs in a row …

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer — 2

Vanilla Ice — 3

2 Responses to “36 Times Dope: YO! MTV Raps Box Break (Part VI)”

  1. Jeanetta Hnery Says:

    I have Yo Tv Raps trading cards 1991 and would like to know if they a valuable? Please comment. Thank You

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