36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part VIII)


36timesdopedoneOK, I’m about a day and a half behind schedule here. My goal was to post one pack every day, but life happens, ya know. You go to a car dealership at 2 in the afternoon, and next thing you know it’s 9 p.m. and you’re leaving with a new car. Anyway, here are the contents of Pack Eight. Hammer lives.

As usual, click the artists’ name for a FULL-SIZE image.

Also, I’ve archived all of the previous 36 Times Dope entries HERE.

MC Hammer (Card 58 )

Damn, Hammer, it’s been a while. I almost broke out into my own rendition of this chart topper, which is mentioned on the back of this card:

3rd Bass (Card 78 )

This card discusses the pre-3rd Bass projects of members Pete Nice and MC Serch, who is noted as releasing this song as one of his singles:

LL Cool J (Card 46)

One of the cool things about writing this 36 Times Dope series is that it brings back memories, and in some cases has caused me to add new things to my iPod. In LL’s case, I recently noticed that my wife had a copy of his greatest hits CD sitting around, so I added it to workout play list. For about 15 minutes everything was cool: “I Can’t Live Without My Radio,” “Rock The Bells” and “I’m Bad,” were blaring in my ears; I was into my work out. Then this happened.

What the hell, man.

Big Daddy Kane (Card 6)

I love the record label listed on the back: “Cold Chillin’.”

RUN DMC (Card 66)

The more I read these the cards, the more interesting they become. This one notes that Run DMC hosted the pilot episode and the first broadcast of “Yo! MTV Raps.” Personally, I don’t think I ever really have appreciated the greatness of Run DMC. Here’s a live performance from Yo!. Enjoy:

Biz Markie (Card 9)

I hella want to beat box right now. I’ll spare you … and me.

Tone Loc (Card 82)

Oaktown’s 3.5.7 (Card 136)

I guess we’re highlighting earrings here. For the record, these cards were released in 1991. According to Wikipedia, the source of champions, Oaktown’s 3.5.7 disbanded in 1992 after its popularity waned.

Tony D (Card 149)

Listen to the jibber-jabber at the beginning of this cut, this is why I love early 90s rap. Also, the best lyric here: “choppin’ sh*t up like an Oriental Ginsu.” And for those who care — like me and three others — that is a copy of “The Trentonian” newspaper from New jersey.

BWP (Card 108 )

And I thought there was repition in the Eric B. & Rakim cards earlier; this card features THE SAME IMAGE as the duo’s other card in the set. The difference: One is cropped for horizontal usage, the other is vertical. Ugh … AND yes, that Bytch on the right still has Problems.

Brand Nubian (Card 107)

We finally see a new face in this group of cards. Unfortunately the little write-up on the back sounds all too-familiar, some stuff about how this group’s music is different than others because it is designed to enlighten an raise certain consciousness. I think seven others already have laid claim to such.

Instant Win (Lose) Card

I’ve decided just to scan a sample of what the loser card looks like. Hopefully they don’t all look like this.

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer –3

Vanilla Ice — 3

One Response to “36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part VIII)”

  1. Brand Nubian is efckin tight. Buy their first two albums.
    Ufcuk 3.5.7

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