Big shouts to Wax Heaven and Night Owl Cards

2008agbaseballiconscampanellaMy mail man came extra early today and he might as well could have been Santa Claus. In the mail were two packages from fellow bloggers Mario from Wax Heaven and  Greg at Night Owl Cards … AND my three boxes of Topps Gallery, which I wrote about here.

Because I’m a fan of making things right, I’m going to show off the cards that were sent to me by these fellow bloggers before even discussing the Topps Gallery hobby boxes, which are still sitting here in their factory wrappers.

First, let’s look at the amazing stuff Mario sent me.

Listen, I’m a Red Sox fan and have been since the late 1980s, so you can kiss my ass if you think I’m a band wagoner. If you want proof, I can pull out pictures of me in the sixth grade wearing my Red Sox satin jacket (which I still own) and my first “pro” cap (which was later stolen). Anyway, being a fan, I always like to get my hands on every Sox card I can. Mario knows this, which is why he sent me these:


Three Manny Ramirez rookie cards, a few ’97 Pinnacle certified issues and a 2008 Topps Gold Border /2008.

wh2Two David Ortiz relic cards (freakin awesome!) and three versions of the Big Papi Starquest cards, including the “rare” version.


Five Daisuke Matsuzaka cards, including three rookies, one of which is 2007 UD Elements numbered to just 550 copies!

wh4And lastly two Clay Buccholz cards, and a pair of Kyle Snyder rookies, including the 2000 Topps Finest Gold Refractor numbered to just 100 copies. Thanks, Mario!

And the other package was from Greg at Night Owl, whose blog has become a real favorite of mine. He and I have sent each other cards of our favorite teams in the past (he digs the Dodgers), so when his package arrived today and it had a Dodger in it, I truly felt his selflessness.

nightoneHere we’ve got three 2009 UD Red Sox cards and a 2008 Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons Roy Campanella, which I needed for my set. Greg already had one of these Campanella cards, so when he pulled another, I asked if it was for trade. It arrived today without a request for anything further. Amazing.

Also at this time I’d like to thank Greg for a package he sent be a few weeks ago. It contained a lot of Red Sox, as well as a 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights David Ortiz event-used All-Star work-out jersey, which I’ve yet to scan. Thanks, Greg.

4 Responses to “Big shouts to Wax Heaven and Night Owl Cards”

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  2. owlatnight Says:

    You bet, Ben. Keep writin’

  3. What the hell Greg? The Jon likes Campy too.

  4. Glad you liked the cards, sorry for the ridiculously long wait.

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