LIVE! Box Break: 2002 Topps Gallery Baseball

This is a live box break. I will post the contents of each pack as I open them and update this post. All scans — baring some monster hit — will be added later today. There are 24 packs in this box with 6 cards per. Autos and Relics are seeded 1 in 44 packs.


Pack 1:

Jeff Kent (12), Orlando Cabrera (44); Nick Neugebauer (137); Maglio Ordonez (7); Mark Mulder (127); Ryne Sandberg (193)

Pack 2:

Adrian Beltre (119), Miguel Tejada (150), Mike HAMPTON (43), Derek Jeter (58), Cliff Floyd (117), Carlos Pena (152)

Pack 3:

Kaz Sasaki (29), Aramis Ramirez (49), Eric Chavez (19), Arod, Griffey Jr., Kaz Ishii RC

Pack 4:

Sheffield, Furcal, Jose CRUZ, VLAD, Schilling, Deivis Santos

Pack 5:

Jason Bere , Derrek Lee, ROGER CLEMENS GALLERY HERITAGE (1:12 PACKS), Giambi, Pedro, Frank Robinson

Pack 6:

Oswalt, Jerry Hairston, I-Rod, J. Rollins, Luis Gonzalez, JJTrujillo RC

Pack 7:

Erstad, Nevin, Kendall, Berkman, Shawn AGreen, Jason Ellison RC

Pack 8:

Zito, Sabathia, Hoffman, Dunn, Roger Cedeno, Mike Schmidt

Pack 9:

Juan Gonzalez, Sexson, Smoltz, Jeff Shaw, JD Drew, Jorge Padilla


Colon, Todd Walker, Karros, Chipper, Tino Martinez, Dan Johnson RC


Freddy Garcia, Russ Ortiz, PEDRO MARTINEZ GALLERY HERITAGE (1:12), Moises Alou,Jim Thome, Affeldt


Klesko, Biggio, Preston Wilson, Radke, Pujols, Pablo Arias RC


Hidalgo, Grace, Nomo, Carl Everett, Aurillia, Ensberg


Abreu, Fick, Kevin Brown, Larry Walker, Clemens, Killebrew


Nen, Glavine, Marlon Anderson, Piazza, Posada, Greg Sain RC


Shinjo, Casey, Damon, Nomar, Soriano, Kevin Cash RC


LaRue, Patterson, Snow, Bagwell,Pierre, Anastacio Martinez


Abernathy, Gar Anderson, Jose Ortiz, Maddux, Beckett, Juan Silvestre RC


Tyner, Jenkins, Dmitri Young, Andruw, Sosa, O. Hudson


McGriff, Mesa, Palmeiro, Ichiro, Burkett, Jason Lane


Percival, Roberto Alomar, Leiter, Hudson, Bret Boone, Henry Pichardo RC


aLFONSECA, bRANYAN, oLERUD, Delgado, Mariano, Rene Reyes RC


Mientkiewecz, Konerko, Sheets, Mike Sweeney, Bernie Williams, David Espinosa


Dempster, Shannon Stewart, Glaus, Unit, Christian Guzman, George Brett.

— end 2002 TG —

Stay tuned for 2003 TG after a short break to feed my newborn daughter.

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