36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part IX)

PACK NINE36timesdopedone

We’re now a quarter of the way through this box and today we get our first look at The Beastie Boys, also as an early look at Busta Rhymes riding on the handle bars of a bicycle. No joke.

Click name of card for full-size scan; click HERE to see the archives parts of this on-going 36-part series.

EPMD (Card 25)

There are several things about this card that make me laugh. First, those denim jackets are ridiculously hideous. Secondly, I love the juxtaposition of the hand signs of the two members of EPMD. The guy on the left is throwing a peace sign, while the other is displaying his hand like a piece, a gun. Come to think of it, I’ve seen this a lot in this set.

LL Cool J (Card 50)

Damn, weren’t three-finger rings the bomb back in the day? The back of this card notes that LL plays the role of a cop in Michael J Fox movie, “The Hard Way.” Never seen it, maybe I should.

Big Daddy Kane (Card 5)

Kane looks E-ville.

RUN DMC (Card 69)

I totally forgot how cool it was to have you hand in your crotch region while taking pictures. On the other hand, who can forget the arms crossed across the chest.

Whodini (Card 94)

The Boys in the hood are always hard … Oops, wrong song. Come to think of it, kind of interesting that NWA (Headed by Eazy E) would jack this beat from “I’m a Ho.”

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud (Card  74)

This picture makes me think of Queen Nefertiti.

Leaders Of The New School (Card 130)

Something just isn’t right here. I think it may be the lack of shirts. No matter, this card is worthy of posting a video:

The Beastie Boys (Card 103)

The day after my daughter was born, I woke up with this song in my head. I thought it was kind of amusing considering the sleepless nights that were ahead.

The Beastie Boys (Card 102)

So after waking with “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” in my head (as mentioned above) I broke out the “License To Ill” Album. Damn, that was a hell of a record. And you this was coming. Who’s up for soda and pie?

Fab Five Freddy (Card 121)

Instant Win (Lose) Card:

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer –3

Vanilla Ice — 3

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