Another shout to Submarine Shane, Wax Heaven’s `Man on the Street’

2009toppsdustinpedroiamvpA day or two after breaking my single 2009 Topps hobby box, Shane hit me up and said he’d supply me with the 37 base cards I needed to complete my 330-card set. Well, the cards arrived yesterday, as well as a few other goodies, which are show inside this post.

Like Mario, Shane knows the Sox are my team. So for the second time in two weeks, a package arrived from the Man on the Street containing Sox cards. First we’ve got some 2007 UD Masterpieces cards.


I absolutely love this set. In fact, I was going to buy a box of this stuff from Dave and Adam’s Card World yesterday, but the damn Web site crashed — it was down all day, and still is inoperable. I guess there really is no need to considering I’ve got all — or most of — the Sox now. I love this celebration card on the bottom right. I also dig the Bobby Doerr Masterpieces parallel in the next image. Only 50 of these exist.


In addition to those Masterpieces, Shane also sent along some 2009 Topps Red Sox cards including a Jonathan Papelbon jersey card (I like the red swatch), a black parallel of Mike Lowell (only 58 exist) and a gold parallel of the Dustin Pedroia MVP card (serial numbered /2008).

You might remember Shane is the guy who broke a few boxes (maybe a case, I forget) of 2009 Topps Jumbos and pulled a 1/1 Dr. Seuss drawning card. (You can see the pose HERE — Wax Heaven). Anyway, looks like karma is on his side. Thanks again, Shane.

And come to think of it, I hit 20,000 hits this week — right in the middle of my three Topps Gallery box break — I should hold some sort of contest. Stay tuned, I’ve got to find a suitable prize.

One Response to “Another shout to Submarine Shane, Wax Heaven’s `Man on the Street’”

  1. […] has clearly been a big giver in terms of cards, as has been one of his most notorious assistants, Submarine Shane. And I’ve also come to know some wonderful people who have turned out to be great trading […]

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