~Good Job, Topps!~ (2009 Topps Town)


~ I want to express my gratitude to Topps for making sure its Topps Town promotion was up and running on time as announced. Last week I expressed my disappointment with Topps for not having the promotion active on the released date (Feb. 4). Instead, Topps had this banner pictured above telling users that the 2009 Topps Town codes would be active on Feb. 13.

Well today is Feb. 13 and I am having so much fun with Topps Town, I can hardly pry myself away from the computer.~

Ah, who am I kidding. If you haven’t tried to enter any codes into ToppsTown.com today, don’t bother. The damn thing is still not working.


I was annoyed last week when the site didn’t work — although the site is geared toward kids, I am curious what happens when I enter my code — and today I am just irritated.

Note to Topps, don’t tell customers that the site will be operational on one day and not come through. And I know I am not the only one who is annoyed. I know this because I’ve gotten more than 20 hits on this blog today from people searching for Topps Town information. That’s a lot of hits considering this is only the second time I’ve even mentioned Topps Town.

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  1. chasingmoss Says:

    Working this morning

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