36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part X)


36timesdopedoneJust when I was about to note the fact that we have not seen a single duplicate in the box, we hit a pack with 80 percent doubles. Nonetheless, there is still reason to discuss these cards as it gives us an opportunity to watch some awesome 90s rap videos. Also, one of these rappers is sporting a Zack Morris cell phone.

Click the card title for a full-size image; click HERE to view other posts in this on-going 36-part series.

MC Hammer (Card 52)

We saw this card already. In fact, it was the very first card in the very first pack. Damnit.

LL Cool J (Card 48 )

Like Hammer, we saw this card, too. I forget exactly when, but this is the one that mentions Nancy Reagan requesting that LL headline the “Just Say No” to drugs concert in New York. But when I posted this before, I forgot to mention that this card also highlights LL’s efforts on EPMD’s ” Rampage.”

Public Enemy (Card 62)

Big ups to Chuck D here for sporting the Zack Morris cell phone. For the longest time everyone made fun of Flava Flav’s giant clock, but in hindsight, that cell phone might be funnier — and bigger — that Flav’s time piece.

De La Soul (Card 14)

Ah, enough with the duplicates already. Given that there are 36 packs in this box, we are bound to see multiples of certain cards, but here we are only 10 packs deep and we’re trying to complete a set here. I’m gonna be pissed if I can’t complete this set with one sealed box.

KRS-One (Card 43)

Some Real Talk (or is it speak?) … I guess.

Tone Loc (Card 85)

Back at the zoo, I guess.

Main Source (Card 131)

Ed lover & Doctor Dre. (Card 118 )

Brand Nubian (Card 107)

Another example of my hip hop ignorance. As I’ve pointed out a few times so far, I know much of this music, but have a difficult time telling you who the artist/group is. I love this song …

Rappin’ Is Fundamental (Card 140)

Is that dude on the right really hugging a lamp post? It looks a little phallic. If you’re asking yourself why am I so negative? Just know that I am just trying to maintain balance. I need to off-set the positivity exuded in this song:

Instant Win (Lose) Card

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer –4

Vanilla Ice — 3

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