Introducing the “Random Rookie Recap”

randomrookierecapWhen I started this blog eight months ago, I did so with a “Card of the Day” posts that featured a 1951 Bowman Phil Rizzuto card. I started with a “Card of the Day” (COTD) posts because my goal was to post one card in my collection every day and write about it or the player featured.

Over time these posts have become infrequent, but when I do write them, I feel they are stronger pieces. But while these posts have declined in number, I’ve been thinking of ways to create steady content, and this morning I think I found it in the ‘Random Rookie Recap.”

Much of my collection is filled with rookie cards. Some are worth a lot, others aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. But rookie cards they are. And now my goal is to highlight each one of them, regardless of value.

I will show scans of the front and back of the cards, and then do a brief write-up of the card and/or player. The idea in some cases will be to revisit players whose names were ingrained in our minds for the shortest of times (like Hensley Muelens and Dwight Smith), recap how certain cards — like the 1990 Leaf Sammy Sosa rookie — came to prominence, or to discuss value past, present and/or future.

Bottom line, there is no real structure to this series. The only prerequisite is that the card is a rookie.

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