Card of the Day: 2009 Upper Deck Jonathan Papelbon

2009udpapelbonListen, I love Jonathan Papelbon. As a Red Sox fan, it’s a treat to see him close out games. When he enters the game, you know the thing is over. This must be how Yankees fans have been feeling for the last decade or so with Mariano.

But if there is one thing that really irks me about Papelbon, it’s all this theatrical crap he does on the mound — specifically the cotddamn glare. I suppose it would not bother me as much if the television cameras weren’t always on him, but they are.

No matter what network is showing the Red Sox game, you can damn-well guarantee that if Pap enters the game, the camera will be zooming in on his face right before each pitch. And along the way the commentators will be talking some bullshit about how intense Papelbon is. And sometimes I understand why they do it … especially in the playoffs. I don’t condone it, but I get it; it gets people talking and it adds drama to a sport that many see as bland.

But when I pulled this Papelbon card from a pack of 2009 Upper Deck this week, all those angry feelings rushed back into my body. Is nothing sacred? I guess I should be happy the card wasn’t zoomed any closer.


2 Responses to “Card of the Day: 2009 Upper Deck Jonathan Papelbon”

  1. I think things are overhyped now. Papelbon isn’t the first reliever to do wacky things to get himself psyched up. There was Al Hrabosky way back in the ’70s and plenty of others.

    The only things that has changed is the hype from TV, and the fact that everyone is much more willing to jump all over someone for acting a certain way. Things just seem much more over-hyped and angry these days.

    Back when Hrabosky did his act, TV talked about it and showed it. But they didn’t obsess over it. And they basically laughed about it. It was amusing to them.

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