Decision 2009: How to Store a Team Collection

For the last two days I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to store my Red Sox team collection. Right now I’ve got two massive binders full of cards — separated by year — but I’ve got another 3,000 cards that are sitting in boxes that need to join their Boston uniform cohorts.

I like the notion of putting the cards in binders that way I can flip through them at will, looking at the team sets from each year. But having them stored in that fashion leads to procrastination. It’s tough to carve out time — and space — to lay out thousands of cards, plus binders, and pages. Plus this leads to a lot of shuffling around of cards — not good for the cards.

The alternative is to use penny sleeves for each card and then top loaders for anything I think is worthy of extra protection. Using this method I could store the cards in three-row shoe boxes, which I like. This seems much easier to handle.

How do you store your team (or player) collection?

3 Responses to “Decision 2009: How to Store a Team Collection”

  1. It depends on what the set is worth. Usually I store team sets in plastic hinged cases. Team sets that are worth a little more get penny sleeves and then go into a team bag or graded card bag.

  2. owlatnight Says:

    I like the binder set-up because I like to view them all without having to pull the cards out of boxes, etc. You can display binders a bit more easier, too.

    That said, I know all about the procrastination. I need about 3 more binders for my Dodgers, and can never get to buying them and sorting the ever growing stack of Dodgers I have.

  3. I put complete team sets team sets that I am actively collecting in binders. The rest go in penny sleves sorted by set and year in a monster box. This way I can look through the ones I want to and still have the rest organized. Also i am working on a checklist that has all of the Red Sox cards on it (not counting inserts). Would you want a copy of it when I am done? If so shoot me an e-mail.

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