Decision 2009: A Red Sox or a Yankee?

2006upperdeckdiamondcolelctionjohnndamonI’m starting a long project that entails scanning and cataloging all of my Red Sox cards and I came across this one that leaves me a bit stumped. This is a 2006 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Johnny Damon insert. This card features Damon in a Boston uniform but lists him as a Yankee. The back of the card talks all about Damon’s accomplishments as a Red Sox and the only mention of the Yankees if the New York logo at the top. As a team collector would you consider this a Yankee or Red Sox card? I suppose I could just cut out the Yankee logo and name and burn it …  kidding.

2 Responses to “Decision 2009: A Red Sox or a Yankee?”

  1. owlatnight Says:

    If a player is featured with his old team but listed with his new, I go with the new team. So I would consider that a Yankee card.

  2. Greg, I usually agree … but the Yankee name is almost non-existent here. Oh well, looks like the masses (all seven of you) are leaning toward Yankee card.

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