25,000 Page View Contest


This happened much faster than I could have imagined. Over the last two weeks I’d been basking in the glory of eclipsing the 20,000 page-view mark. And in the last few days I’ve seen readership spike, particularly yesterday when someone went on a rampage and looked at all my Yo! MTV Raps posts. (Note: That series is not dead or complete, I’ll be continuing it shortly.) But here I am on the verge of 25,000 views and I feel it is time for my first TRUE contest.

Now I’m aware that some blogs and companies may offer you nice, bright and shiny cards in return for your readership. Some of those cards are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s great. But I’m a basic collector; I don’t have that kind of stuff to give away. But I do have an extra rookie card of one of the newest Hall of Famers: Rickey Henderson.



You’ll notice the card isn’t mint. It’s got some touched corners, chipped edges and some surface wear. But this is a FREE rookie card of the greatest base stealer of all-time.

So what do you have to do to win this? All you’ve got to do leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite post has been and why. You can do such in as little as one sentence if you wish. I’ll then take the names of all the contestants and enter them into Random.Org and find our winner.

Contest begins NOW and runs through 11:59 p.m. (Pacific) FRIDAY, March 6. The winner will be announced Saturday, March 7.

10 Responses to “25,000 Page View Contest”

  1. My favorite post is this post because you’re giving away a rookie card of the best baseball player of all time. The best according to Rickey, anyway.

  2. owlatnight Says:

    My favorite posts are any of the ones where you mention me! 🙂

    Actually, the Manny Stadium Club card one really sticks out.

  3. My fav was the one right before this telling topps to stop using facimile sigs on cards. Plus that link the “Eric Byrnes” rookie was fun.

  4. I’m with Greg – this is my favorite entry…but only because this is the first entry from your blog that I think I’ve seen. I will say that I added you to my blogroll though and I’ll be checking back often. Congratulations on the readership milestone – I’m excited to be cracking a mere 10,000 visits within 24 hours or so!

  5. I liked the 2009 Topps Inside the Park Homerun post with the slideshow thingy. mainly because I like pictures.

  6. My favorite post is this one because I could win a rookie card of the great RIcky Henderson!

  7. I enjoy all your thrift store treasures posts because they give me hope that I might find similar things in nearby stores. Those hopes are always quickly dashed when I actually get to the stores, but still…

  8. Hi, My favorite post was about the Nolan Ryan/ Koosman Rookie because you mentioned koosman! He was a good pitcher too!

  9. I’ve just been reading your blog since early feb and so far my fav post was your 2003 Topps Gallery box break cause of the nice cards and the great Boggs hit.

    I found out about your blog through the “Best Card Blogs” section in wax heaven

  10. The Jon’s favorite post was when you wrote about our moonlit walk on the beach and you looked in The Jon’s eyes and told The Jon how you really felt about The Jon.

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