Manny is a Dodger … I think

2006toppsopeningdaysi4kindsmannyramirezIt’s about time this saga is over … for now. According to multiple reports this morning, Manny Ramirez has finally accepted an offer to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers for a measly $45 million over two years. As a friend of mine said last night, “I’d play Major League Baseball for $45.” Yes, that’s Forty-Five with no zeroes attached.

I think that in this time of economic crisis, this negotion hurt baseball and sports in general. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs across the country, and yet all we heard the last few days was that Manny and the Dodgers were bickering over some $1.5 million … which is chump change in sports.

I understand that the economics of sports is not the same as the rest of the country, this is big business unlike any other. But this whole thing was just in bad taste. This is like two rich guys arguing in the parking lot about whose Maserati cost more while a mother of four sits nearby in a busted mini van waiting for a tow truck.

On a some-what related note, I think the San Francisco Giants really screwed this up. They seemingly had a chance to steal Manny away from their rivals but chose to sit on the sidelines with their thumbs in their asses. They also botched the Tim Lincecum deal as they pretty much refused to lock up their ace, whose quickly becoming one of the best– if not the best — pitcher in the game.

3 Responses to “Manny is a Dodger … I think

  1. I can’t imagine ANYONE voting no.

  2. owlatnight Says:

    It’s just another rich team and another rich athlete hashing it out. It didn’t offend me more than any of the other examples of this happening. I guess I’m numb to the whole thing.

    I guess the moment I was the most appalled was when Dave Winfield signed for all that cash with the Yankees. That was more than 25 years ago (and we were in a recession then, too). Like I said, I’ve been hearing this a long time.

  3. bozemanbreaker Says:

    I actually voted no. I guess nothing surprises me in baseball anymore. I’m not appalled or shocked by Manny holding out. He is an entertainer in big business baseball. If someone is willing to give him that extra 1.5 million, then sure, hold out for it. He is one of the most prolific hitters ever in baseball, and he is being paid for it.

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