25,000 Hit Contest Winner (Rickey Henderson Rookie)

The 25,000 view contest has come to an end and the winner of the Rickey Henderson rookie card is …

…  Edwin of “Flea Market Adventures” . Today is the first time I’ve checked out Edwin’s blog and honestly, I’m happy he was the winner. He seems like a budget collector who appreciates old cardboard. And now this Rickey Henderson rookie looks like it’ll be headed to the Dominican Republic.


I entered nine of the 10 names of those who commented into Random.Org and came up with our winner. The Jon, my cohort from TheBaseballStars.com (check it out for fantasy baseball banter, commentary and advice) was disqualified because his comment was not about an actual post — plus he’s like family, and you know relatives are never eligible to win contests.

Congrats to Edwin. Please contact me to claim your prize.

And thanks to all of you who read my blog. I should have another Thrift Treasures post up later today.

4 Responses to “25,000 Hit Contest Winner (Rickey Henderson Rookie)”

  1. Last Place? LAST PLACE?? hahaha nice contest though! and I will be a continued supporter of the blog!

  2. Wepa!!
    Tks. I’ll send you an email in a minute
    Keep on blogging!!!

  3. Hey Ben,
    You can reach me at bul2@hotmail.com
    I have a Miami courier address and I’ll take from there.

  4. what? you mean that e-mail you sent me about walking along the beach was never posted? The Jon was robbed.

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