2009 Topps Heritage Retail Is Live!

2009toppsheritageMy wife and I stopped by Target last night to get some diapers, and as luck would have it, the store had a single retail box of Topps Heritage. It looks like your routine pack searcher already hit the thing, but that matters not to I as I just wanted to have a taste of Heritage.  I bought two packs. Results of the break are inside …



Card 115: Knuckler & Fork //  The first card in my Heritage pack is a Red Sox card. That is awesome. How great would it have been if Topps decided to call Papelbon a “Forker


Card 35:  Andy Pettitte // He’s looking old here.


Card 277: Bobby Crosby // Still looking like a dork.


Card 243: Andy Marte // ~Love~ the 2008 Spring Training photos …


Topps Mayo Target Exclusive: Hanley Ramirez // Yes, yes, yes! These cards look awesome.


Card 391: The Champs Celebrate // Good looking card.


Card 373: Andy LaRoche // I think it’s funny that we get a leg shot of some photographer in the background. HA.


Card 172: Cameron Maybin // Another good looking card.



Card 146: Ramon Ramirez // I like these rookie cards. For what it’s worth I’ve got a 1960 Yastrzemski rookie on the way …


Card 112: Scott Lewis // The Rawlings logo on that glove is staring at me …


Card 248: Henry Blanco // I would have rather had Geovany Soto. Is Blanco wearing lipstick?


Card 421: Bengie Molina // I’m pretty sure this is a short print.


Flashback Ernie Banks // I’ve pulled a lot of Heritage Flashbacks in recent years … they always seem to be of Ernie Banks (or Stan Musial.)


Card 434: Jon Garland // This is a grey back variation. This is a pretty good pack, an insert, short print and a variation. Would be better if there were …


Card 230: Mound Magicians // … another Red Sox card. Pretty sweet, two packs, two Red Sox cards featuring five Red Sox pitchers.


Card 103: Brad Lidge // How appropriate, a Lidge card to close out the Heritage break

Comments: Two packs is hardly enough to give a fair review. That said, these are nice cards, probably my favorite Heritage set to date. If you’re building a set, I think retail is the way to go because of the fixed pack/blaster price. The hobby boxes offer better odds at the hits, but we’ve seen some lame relics, namely Kevin Millwood. Ugh.

7 Responses to “2009 Topps Heritage Retail Is Live!”

  1. Sweet!
    I really like the Mayo insert.
    Do you know how many cards are in the Mayo subset?

  2. Nice, and I never care about the hits in Heritage, mostly the #ed things and just the design are cool!

  3. owlatnight Says:

    It ain’t live here. Maybe tomorrow.

    Given how many bloggers already have these things, I may have seen all the cards in the set by the time I get any in my hands.

  4. Well, it looks like I got lucky. I hit up a few other retailers and no one has blasters … hmm.

    You usually see this kind of stuff on the East Coast — closer to distribution centers — than here on the West Coast.

  5. ikescards Says:

    Live in Atlanta, not in St. Louis yet though.

  6. Ten cards in the Mayo subset, which is lame. Hopefully they will release a full Mayo baseball set with a similar configuration to Ginter and the Mayo football stuff.

  7. That Hanley Mayo looks great. I like the vintage feeling of that subset

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