Props to Topps For Unsearchable Autos In Heritage

mastersonI picked up four loose packs of 2009 Topps Heritage today at Target and walked away with this pictured Justin Masterson autograph. The box clearly had been riffled through; some packs upside down, some turned sideways, etc. I bought my packs hoping to pull some more Mayo inserts, a chrome and some Red Sox — not really looking for hits — but in the end ended up with an autograph. The reason this is noteworthy is because there are no standout features on this year’s autographs — i.e. no 3m stickers — which makes it very difficult for pack searchers to snag these during their daily searches. Just figured this was worth pointing out to anyone who was worried about buying retail Topps Heritage. There may be no relics because of the searchers, but know that the autographs should still be there.

5 Responses to “Props to Topps For Unsearchable Autos In Heritage”

  1. Nice card! I once tried pack searching, I couldnt do it. Its dumb dont try it.

  2. owlatnight Says:

    Wow, you’re livin’ right. Not only do you find Heritage but you pull an auto of someone on your favorite team. And it’s not a nobody either.

  3. Great pull! And it’s great the packs are pack-searcher proof to give everyone else a chance.

  4. *shakes head*

    Those autos are definitely searchable. Looks like the searcher in your area just isn’t very good.

  5. Actually, for a good searcher, searching a whole box of Heritage for the autos, chromes and jerseys shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

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