Sometimes Less Is More (2009 Topps Heritage)

2009toppsheritagemikeavilesI love retro sets, but honestly, sometimes they just don’t work. That is not the case with 2009 Topps Heritage. The cards are simple, beautiful and pretty authentic. As has been the case since 2001, Topps Heritage has given modern collectors a peak into what collecting was like in the 1950s (and now 1960). This years set features all of the same subsets that were in the original release 50 years ago. Among them are the all-star rookie cup cards like this Mike Aviles.

When I pulled this from a pack the other day, I stopped and admired the card. It looks awesome. But then it hit me, we’ve seen this design recently … a few times in fact.

Here’s some examples:

2001  Topps Chrome Through The Years — Willie McCovey rookie reprint



2008 Topps All-Star Rookie Team — Magglio Ordonez



The McCovey and Ordonez are just two recent remakes of the 1960 release, but these are prime examples of ones that don’t work. Now I know the McCovey is a reprint of a real card, so it’s sort of different, but I still think it shows that chrome just doesn’t work on everything.  (As a side note, the Willie McCovey rookie card could be one of the ugliest cards of all-time. The art (drawing) makes him look like a deer.) And the Ordonez insert card is too vibrant. Maybe it’s the card stock, thereby a lack of texture, but there is something wrong here. And to make matters worse, Topps made  like 60 different cards for this lame insert set, killing the novelty of the set.

The Aviles card works because there are no bells and whistles. That is the key to retro releases. They should look and feel as authentic as possible. In other words, less is more.


One Response to “Sometimes Less Is More (2009 Topps Heritage)”

  1. McCovey looks horrible, such an ugly rookie card.

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