Card of the Day: 1994 Score Dream Team Mike Stanley

1994scoredreamteammikestanleyFor 15 years I’ve owned this Mike Stanley 1994 Score Dream Team card. And every time I’ve looked at it, I always wondered why the hell Stanley, of all people, was being cotdhonored on a Dream Team card.

I never regarded him as a stud ball player, thereby not worthy of a best-of-the-best set. I saw him as a reserve who at one point played catcher for the Yankees prior to the Jorge Posada era. But in 1993 (the year before this was released), Stanley was a stud — he batted .305, belted 26 homers and drove in 84 runs. In some regard he statistically was Brian McCann, an elite player at his position.

Had I not owned this card and questioned its existence, I might not have ever realized how good Stanley was for that one season — his first as a full-time player — a year in which the Yankees finished second in the American League Eastern Division, a tilt in which Stanley was awarded the Silver Slugger award.

As for the 10-card insert set, these cards were seeded 1 in 72 packs and aesthetically they are gorgeous. Although I can’t say the same for the checklist. Aside from Don Mattingly, this set is void of any major hobby stars (No Griffey, Thomas, Clemens, Ripken, etc.), which is a real shame considering how cool these cards look.


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