My 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookie has arrived

2008toppsredhotloumontanezEarlier this week I bitched about having not seen my Lou Montanez 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookie despite receiving more than two weeks ago an e-mail from Topps stating it was on the way. Well, it arrived today and I have mixed emotions.

Let’s start with the positives.

First off, the card arrived safely. As has been the case in recent years Topps employs the services of Tri-Star Fulfillment — no relation to Tri-Star cards — and the card arrived in a sleeve and top loader inside a semi-stiff envelop. Good shipping method. Secondly, the thing looks awesome. Love the refractor technology.

But in fairness, I must bring up the bad.

What the hell happened to the cool Hot-Wheels flame Red Hot Rookie logo? The thing was replaced with a simple Rookie Card Logo, which is misleading since this is an INSERT card (therefore not eligible to be a rookie card), and that’s not even considering that Montanez’s real rookies were in 2001 Topps products . The flame logo looked great. Here the Red Hot Rookie title has been smashed into the name identification box.

And how about the back? My god, look at that centering.

2008toppsredhotloumontanezbackYou’d think that the quality control on these cards would have been better than this. I would have gladly waited another day or week to receive one that wasn’t so poorly cut. As it is now, I can pretty much forget the possibility of having it replaced.

I really hate to be so negative about this, or anything baseball related, especially with Opening Day so close, but the centering on the back of this card really pisses me off. Damnit.

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