Cardboard Dilemna: 2006 Bowman Chrome Clayton Kershaw

As members of the card collecting community, both you and I know there are right times to buy and sell certain cards. But as collectors, we also know there are certain cards that just don’t fit into this mold. Sometimes they are cards we already own, or they are ones we want at any cost. Today I find myself trying to figure out where I stand on one of my favorite cards: 2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor Clayton Kershaw auto rookie. I pulled this card from a blaster in late 2006 and have since had it slabbed by Beckett. It is Gem Mint with a 10 signature. I’ve offered the card for sale a few times within the last 18 months — mainly because I pulled a base Kershaw auto from a hobby box in 2007 — but it’s still in my possession as the price has not been met. But after Wednesday’s 13-strikeout performance against the rival Giants, I’m again starting to wonder if this is a sell-now candidate, or simply a card that I shouldn’t part with at any price.

One Response to “Cardboard Dilemna: 2006 Bowman Chrome Clayton Kershaw”

  1. Love the card. But sure I can’t afford it.

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