Box Break: 2008 Topps Series 1 Baseball Blaster

img_0120Yes, you read that right, 2008. I visited Target this week to do some shopping and lo and behold there were a few blasters of this stuff on clearance. I guess the Excel Distributing company has been bullish lately in clearing store shelves of old product. They go in when they stock the shelves and slap 50 percent off stickers on the older product. Seeing as how I’ve not bought any cards recently, I figured $5 for a five-pack blaster (plus one Bonus Pack) was a nice way to whet my cardboard appetite. I’m really trying to get back into this blogging stuff after spending a few weeks away. Anyhow, the results are within …


Pack 1: Jeff Suppan (3), Grady Sizermore ALDS (59), Tigers Combo (288), Delmon Young (175), Red Sox World Series Celebration WITH Rudy Giuliani (234), Maicer Izturis (87), Jermaine Dye (274), John Lackey (95), Edgar Renteria (290), Dan Haren (245)


Pack 2: Kenny Lofton ALDS (128), Manny Ramirez ALDS (26), AL Strikeout Leaders (322), Scott Kazmir (5), Kei Igawa (188), Manny Ramirez 50TH Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team (AR48), Prince Fielder Own The Game (OTG2), Alfonso Soriano (150), Nook Logan (263), Ubaldo Jimenez (111)


Pack 3: Steve Smith (56), Jimmy Rollins NL MVP (233), Mickey Mantle (7), CJ Wilson (214), Chin-Lung Hu (23), Ross Gload (196), John Smoltz Year in Review (YR54), Checklist 1, Brandon Jones (126), Ian Kinsler (314), Randy Wolf (9)


Pack 4: Boof Bonser (117), Dontrelle Willis (45), Red Sox Classic Combos (258), Orlando Hudson (191), David Ross (154), Ryan Doumit (266), Mickey Mantle Home Run 514, Luke Scott (159), Shawn Hill (307), Carlos Ruiz (281)


Pack 5: Alex Rodriguez AL MVP (256), Kyle Kendrick (28), Casey Blake (231), Chris Duncan (142), Manny Acta (242), Rudy Giuliani Campaign ’08, Clay Buchholz (232), JJ Hardy (193), John Maine (171), Jorge Posada (297)


Bonus Pack: Joey Votto (TCP6), Joba Chamberlain (TCP9), Ryan Howard (TCP10)

Comments: For a $5 blaster, this was a pretty decent break. I opened a TON of 2008 Topps Series One, including a Hobby Box, and the Red Sox card with Giuliani eluded me. Here, I got it in my first pack. How cool is that? The rest of the box featured on average one insert per pack, which I believe is par for the course in 2008. I still think the Year in Review cards are lame. I really like the Target Continuity cards that come in the bonus pack, but I think I pulled the same exact three cards in a blaster I opened last year. That’s a bit frustrating. If anyone needs anything here, hit me up:

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