Card of the Day: 2008 Topps Update Dual All-Star Relic Josh Hamilton & Ryan Braun

2008toppshamiltonbraundualrelic1I know relics are played out. There was a time I clamored over these things, too. And once in the early 2000s, while trading cards on the America Online hobby boards, I proclaimed that game-used cards would NEVER decrease in value. Damn, I was wrong, wasn’t I? Remember, this was the beginning of the craze and single-color swatches of Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. were still selling for nearly $100.

I digress, today’s Card of the Day is a 2008 Topps Update Dual All–Star Relic of Josh Hamilton and Ryan Braun, serial numbered to just 25 copies. Beckett has this thing listed at $40 — I find this fact odd since Beckett RARELY lists “values” for cards serial numbered that low — but I have a feeling the value of this card could be higher if sold at auction with a proper title.

First off, it’s a Topps card serial numbered to just 25 copies. With the number of Topps master set collectors out there, it’s really anyone’s guess as to how high (or low) this card could go. Secondly, it features Josh Hamilton — whose popularity really transcends the hobby — and budding super star Ryan Braun. And thirdly, it might feature the jersey Hamilton wore during the legendary 2008 Home Run Derby.

Now I know baseball players change jerseys several times during a game — especially when they are under contract to provide memorabilia to companies such as Topps, Steiner, etc. — but I do not think they do this during special events, like the All-Star game festivities.

Topps proudly proclaims that the swatches embedded within this card “were cut from authentic event-worn 2008 MLB All-Star Festivities jerseys of Josh Hamilton and Ryan Braun.”

Am I wrong to assume that these jerseys are the jerseys from the Home Run Derby? If it is in fact THAT JERSEY then it really adds some value to the card, especially from a historical standpoint.

Having said that, it is possible that these jerseys were worn during some sort of photo shoot or even the work out. I have a feeling Major League Baseball would have requested Hamilton’s jersey so that they could donate it to the Hall of Fame.

So how did I come to obtain this rare card? Not from a pack, box or a case of cards — this would have been an awesome pull — but from a poorly titled eBay auction that surely would have sold for much more had the seller taken the time to list this card in the title. Essentially I got 25 game-used, autographed and low-serial numbered (less than 50) cards for less than a dollar a piece.

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