Card of the Day: 1990 CMC (ProCards) Jeff Bagwell

procardsjeffbagwellJeffrey Robert Bagwell has always been one of my favorite players. I absolutely loved watching him crush pitches when he was in his prime with the Houston Astros. In fact, when I was a kid I liked to emulate his batting stance — I also copied lots of guys, and this was before The Batting Stance Guy — but his was pretty neat.

Of course he showed the world how neat it was when he constantly got drilled on his left hand. This act always ended with some broken bone and a trip to the disabled list. But if you think about it, Bagwell’s list of injuries may have actually started the “armored batter” trend. After having his hand broken several times, Bagwell learned to wear some sort of guard to deflect direct contact. This guard then lead to big shin, ankle and foot covers, followed by massive elbow padding like the one that Barry Bonds wore. There could have been players before Bagwell who donned the plastic military grade body armor, but for some reason Bagwell seems to stand out to me as being the first. I know Kevin Mitchell wore one on his left leg, but that looked more like a soccer shin guard.

I digress. The reason I really pulled this 1990 CMC/ProCards Jeff Bagwell card from the archives is because every time I think about Bagwell, I think of The Trade (See No. 2). If this rant sounds familiar, it’s because I mentioned it late last year when writing about Bagwell’s 1991 Leaf “Gold Leaf Rookies” card. I’ll spare you the dramatics of that ordeal, and just say that this card — as well as one other Bagwell minor league issue (1990 Best) I own — is a constant reminder of what could have been. Damnit!

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  1. hey! i am your 34,000th thousand hit! I’m Eric by the way, one of wax heaven’s, and collected studio’s readers 🙂

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