Card of the Day: 1989 Donruss Randy Johnson rookie

1989donrussrandyjohnsonGot a quick hitter here. While going through one of my rookie boxes the other night, I stumbled upon a handful of Randy Johnson 1989 Donruss rookies and they immediately caught my eye. Why? Because I’m wondering what the hell is going through RJ’s mind when this picture was snapped.

If you’re a Jim Rome listener, you’re familiar with the term Red Ass. And as a baseball fan, you should know how Randy’s first day in New York went. But in 1988, when the image for this 1989 Donruss card was shot, what did the Big Unit have on his mind? It looks like he’s saying ‘Ah, come on,” and preparing to attack the photog.

Slight tangent: See that Montreal Expos logo on Randy’s hat and jersey. For the longest time I thought that logo said “E-L-L-O.” Hell, I actually owned a Montreal Expos hat in 1994, the year the team was on its way to the World Series, and didn’t know that is was an “M.” It’s shameful to admit that.

2 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1989 Donruss Randy Johnson rookie”

  1. owlatnight Says:

    Along those lines:

    You put it right: “shameful”

  2. Now that you brought it up… I never really took the time to figure out their emblem. But, if you had asked me as a kid… I would have said it looked like a “JB”. Thanks for pointing out the “M”.

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