Bargain Blaster: 2007 Ultra Baseball

packsIn these times of economic uncertainty, a card collector has to find his kicks any way possible. For some of us, that means bargains, not high-dollar gambles. It’s not often that you find bargains at Big Box stores, but recently there have been a few older Blasters that have returned to shelves with nice 50 percent off stickers on them. I uncovered this week at Wal-Mart a small blaster of 2007 Ultra, a product I originally neglected. This blaster contained six packs for a whole $4.97. Sure as heck beats two packs of search 2009 Upper Deck. Results of the break inside.

Pack 1: Yuniesky Betancourt (169); Adrian Gonzalez (156); Melvin Mora (18); Craig Biggio (78); Josh Hamilton Lucky 13 rookies (238)

Pack 2: Chipper Jones (8); Jeff Francis (56); Michael Young (185); Ichiro (173); Cal Ripken ‘Iron Man” insert (UIM15)

Pack 3: Bronson Arroyo (43); Francisco Rodriguez (91); Ryan Howard (141); Jake Peavy (157); Joe Smith Rookie (208)

Pack 4: Rich Hill (31); Scott Olsen (67); Mariano Rivera (121); Rich Harden (133); Jose Reyes “Feel The Game” insert (FG-JR)

Pack 5: Andruw Jones (7); Reggie Sanders (79); Jorge Cantu (180); Hideki Matsui (123); Phil Hughes Rookie (214)

Pack 6: Aubrey Huff (19); Todd Helton (55); Jim Edmonds (149); Matt Cain (162); Stephen Drew GOLD parallel (4)


Comments: Seeing as how I have not spent a lot of money on cards lately, I’m pretty happy with these pulls for $5. The Hamilton made me smile when I saw it coming out of the pack. It reminded me of a post I wrote late last year, one in which I made light of the fact that Hamilton’s REAL rookie cards are from 1999, eight years before this product came out. It also made me wonder where the hell Upper Deck was going with the Lucky 13 subset. According to the Beckett Almanac, the subset celebrates the rookies who comprise the final 13 cards of the set. Um, congrats? I guess …

As for Ultra itself, I had zero interest in this line when it came out, but after opening a few packs it’s got me a bit intrigued. I loved Ultra in 1992 — the first year it went premium — and then began hating it in 1995 when they began making parallels of inserts — Blah. I came back to it in 1997/1998 for basketball and football because of the short printed rookies, but I’ve since stopped collecting those sports and, again Ultra. If anyone has any Red Sox or the Albert Pujols from this set, I’m very interested in making a trade.

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