Two new Red Sox autograph additions

1996LeafSigsMikeGreenwellI’m working on a new Red Sox reorganization project, and along the way I’ll be attempting to scan all of the Sox cards into a database.As a result, I’ll be showing some of them off here.

Today’s two images are actually new additions to my collection. I snagged these from the bargain bin at a card shop. The 1996 Leaf Signature Mike Greenwell autograph set me back $5, while the 2006 Greats of the Game Bill Buckner auto cost me $7.50.

Bargains? Eh, not really. Good price for two autographs I didn’t already have? Absolutely.

2006GreatsoftheGameBillBucknerGreenwell autographs don’t cost much on eBay. The price I paid here is approporiate, considering that anything purchased on online woul have cost more because of shipping.

Bucker signatures are kind of all over the place. I mean they are not rare, but the prices they fetch are anywhere from $5 to $45 — and the cards don’t always feature Billy Buck in a Sox uniform. This card was actually in the case with a $15 price tag, but had a nice 50 percent sticker affixed to it. That felt like a steal to me. Go figure.

3 Responses to “Two new Red Sox autograph additions”

  1. Nice buckner. Does he sign things with him and mookie wilson? Or does he not?

  2. Yeah, there are some dual-signed cards on ebay.

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