1975 Boston Red Sox: Just a Couple of Dicks

1975ToppsDicksMight as well call me Tom Foolery today because that’s about all I’m up to.  As I was sorting some more Sox cards last night I came across two very interesting cards from the 1975 Topps set, Dick Pole and Dick Drago. Need I say more? I suppose it could be considered a slap in the face for a Sox fan to mock the names of two relievers who helped the Red Sox to the ’75 ALCS title, but this was a situation that absolutely had to be written about. I am not a fan of shortened names. All people named William should be called William and not Bill. And if your mother called you Richard, then by God, why would you want to go by the name Dick … especially when your last names are Pole and Drago? These two might as well have co-starred in a porno. People really need to stop Dicking around with their names.

As for these two cards, Mr. Richard Henry Pole seems to have misspelled his name in his signature (Missing “c?”), while Mr. Richard Anthony Drago looks to have perfected the “Double D” Penmanship … and the Tom Sellick pornstache. Now that’s just RAD.

3 Responses to “1975 Boston Red Sox: Just a Couple of Dicks”

  1. Yes, some people really like that name. Imagine, if you will, (I know, sounds like Dusty Rhodes interview), Mr. and Mrs. Wacker naming their son Richard. It happened.

    While Richard Pole going by his nickname could be thought to try to impress the ladies, former North Carolina Tar Heel football coach Richard Crum probably just scared them off, sounding like he needed some penicillin.

  2. Yeah, there is a judge in California whose name is Richard Wood (I have a picture of his name) … and as you can image no one calls him Dick, at least not to my knowledge.

    Would the name Dick Pole really impress ladies? I think it might scare them off, even more so than Mr. Crum.

  3. Haha, If people called me by my shortened name, Id be tony. I wouldnt mind that. But Im very suprised that richard drago dosent mind being called dick.

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