Pack Break: 2009 Topps Ser. 2 Retail

2009ToppsPacksPicked up two 2009 Topps Series 2 retail packs recently. Here’s the break. I’m going to try this set without buying another pack, so if you’ve got dupes available, let me know.Being a Sox fan, these packs made me pretty happy …

Pack 1:

Bobby Jenks, 337

Javier Valentin, 453

Adrian Gonzalez, 520

John Smoltz, 355


Kind of odd looking, but it is Smoltz as a Sox.

Chris Carter, 619


Dustin Pedroia Gold Border, 350 — serial 403/2009


Awesome pull.

Topps Town Gold Chase Utley


No, you cannot have the code.

Felix Pie, 504

Jeff Karstens, 553

Rickie Weeks, 372

Chris Carpenter, 484

Paul Konerko, 506


What’s the deal with this Konerko card. Is the image photoshopped? It just looks weird.

Fake David Wright Student card

Pack 2:

Lyle Overbay, 629

Josh Beckett, 415


Interesting single of Beckett.

Brian Wilson, 463

Francisco Rodriguez, 430

Daniel Cabrera, 338

Career Best Legends Walter Johnson, WJ


I already hate this insert set …

Topps Town Blue Roy Oswalt


No, you cannot have the code.

Derek Lowe, 468

David Patton, 633

David DeJesus, 570

Jhonny Peralta, 363

Cameron Maybin, 398

Fake David Wright Student card

One Response to “Pack Break: 2009 Topps Ser. 2 Retail”

  1. fenwaymac77 Says:

    Hey there,

    You are in luck. I cracked two hobby boxes of series two and have many (probably give or take 150 of these babies). Each has been put into a penny sleeve and filed, so they are in great shape! I looked at your trade list and say your turkey reds. I am on a “Turkey Hunt” and actually each one of those is on my needed list. Also I am trying to complete my series one set and I have posted my needs on my site, if you would like to check it out. Let me know, this sounds like a good thing for both of us!


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