Can I have my Man Card Now? I finally watched Rocky I & II

I’m 29 years old and before this weekend, I was proud to say that I was one of maybe five men in the world who had not watched a single Rocky movie. Well, all of that changed this weekend while surfing the OnDemand section of my Comcast cable. Browsing through the free movies, it came down to watching Tupac Shakur in “Bullet” or start the “Rocky” series, which I knew was something that I’d have to watch at some point in my life. I chose the latter, and damnit, now I am hooked … and I want my Man Card back.

I’m not a fan of Sylvester Stallone, so that’s part of the reason why I stayed away from this series. But after learning to tolerate his ridiculous accent, I quickly learned these movies were worth watching — either for the motivational aspects or the freakin’ one-liners.

So, yeah. Now I am hooked and have three more movies — four if you count the one that was released this year — to watch. I leave you with this to start your Monday.

3 Responses to “Can I have my Man Card Now? I finally watched Rocky I & II”

  1. Rocky IV is great IMO, and the new one is pretty good too.

  2. Awesome, can’t wait to get to IV then.

  3. fenwaymac77 Says:

    do yourself a favor and just avoid #5. You have been warned.

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