Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Bargain Blasters

This is a brief message to all of you collectors who have K-Mart stores in your area. Check your card aisles ASAP, it appears there are blaster boxes on clearance — about 50 percent off regular price. The K-Mart I stopped at yesterday had 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes (9 total packs for $7.49); 2008 UD X Baseball (10 packs w/ game-used for $10.99); 2008 UD Series 2 baseball (10 packs w/ game-used for $10.99) and some football and hockey. Also, it looks like most 2008 single packs in clam shell packaging have been reduced by 50 percent. I picked the two Baseball Heroes blasters I found yesterday, and while neither produced anything of great significance, I did find it to be a fun product to rip at the discount level. I’m wondering if UD X might also be fun at this price point.

3 Responses to “Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Bargain Blasters”

  1. owlatnight Says:

    I’ve seen these half-price at my Kmart. I just have no interest in any of the products that are marked down. I keep hearing about Masterpiece blasters being marked down, but I never find them. I would buy one of those. But Heroes and X and UD base just aren’t worth it for me even at half-price.

  2. I actually like Baseball Heroes; it’s X that I dislike. And if I saw Masterpieces baseball, I’d be all over them. I love that product. They had one blaster of hockey Masterpieces, but I don’t do hockey.

    One good news for you: I pulled a dozen or so Dodgers from my two blasters. 🙂

  3. Walmart has the same deal going on now. Ironically for the same product.

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