Finished Rocky I-IV, should I even attempt V?

As noted earlier this week, I finally got around to watching the Rocky series. Over the last four days I’ve managed to plow through the first four movies in this series and now I’m contemplating whether or not I should start the fifth. I’ve watched Rocky get his ass kicked twice by Apollo Creed, only to fight back in the end and walk away with the title both times. I saw Rocky get pummeled by Thunderlips in some stupid exhibition of wrestler versus boxer; then watched Rocky get his jock handed to him by Clubber Lang, but of course he came back in the end to be the champion. And then five minutes ago I saw the most ridiculous crap ever — Rocky faced Ivan Drago, who killed Creed earlier in the film, and again walk away the victor. Now I knew he was going to win, after all this is a movie, but someone explain to me how the hell Rocky sustained LESS damage to his face after facing arguably the baddest of his enemies in this series of movies?

Anyhow, as you ponder that one, help me figure out if I should even delve into Rocky V. I’ve heard some suggest that this movie should have never been made, that it tarnished the series. Knowing what you know about V, will I be better off bypassing V and going straight to Rocky Balboa? Is there anything that I’ll be missing by doing so?

3 Responses to “Finished Rocky I-IV, should I even attempt V?”

  1. fenwaymac77 Says:

    no, no, a thousand times no! you should spend the extra time responding to my trade request instead! đŸ™‚

  2. Rocky V is awesome … like in the same way “Major League II” is awesome … but still awesome nonetheless.

    You have to watch it, if for nothing else than to hear “I didn’t hear no bell.”

  3. I LOVE ROCKY 4. Its my faavorite one.

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