2009 Topps Ser. 2 Baseball 3 Pack break


I said I was going to try this Topps Ser. 2 set after buying just two packs. But I decided to pick up three hobby packs at the card shop the other day. Here’s the break. I’m also working on a few trades, so I’ll post a want list soon enough.

Pack 1


Alfonso Soriano, Nick Blackburn, Edinson Volquez, Daniel Cabrera, Topps Town Ryan Braun, Nate Schierholtz, Cole Hamels, Jose Contreras, Anthony Reyes, Ryan Ludwick

2009ToppsTown2RyanBraunComments: Yes, Mr. Soriano, this is Series Two. I was thinking about Soriano the other day, and I’m starting to wonder if he and Grady Sizemore will be about the same type of player. Soriano was a 40-40 threat early in his career, then he became an erratic base stealer. Grady Sizemore is now the player whom we believe is the annual 40-40 guy. That’s a special category, but it’s fair to say that Soriano has been somewhat of a disappointment. I mean he’s a fantastic player, but he’s not going to be THE guy who leads you to a title. As for Sizemore, who knows. I’m sure he’ll get dropped in the lineup soon enough, which will increase homer and RBI opportunities, but decrease the stolen bases.

Pack 2


Pack 2: Blake Dewitt, Clayton Kershaw, Dontrelle Willis, Jorge De La Rosa, Topps Town Alex Rios, Tim Lincecum MLB 2K9 AD CARD, Rick Porcello, JJ Putz, David DeJesus, Jhonny Peralta, Cameron Maybin


Comments: The Porcello “rookie” is cool, as is the picture on the Kershaw. I wonder what that card might look like in a horizontal design. Hmm. And what’s up with this 2K9 Ad featuring Tim Lincecum? Every single review I read about the game tells me that it sucks … whichis unfortunate because I own a Wii and a XBOX 360, but no a PS3 (or PS2). Basically I’m S-O-L when it comes to baseball games this year. That’s why I’m still playing 2K8. Ha.

Pack 3



Ryan Spilborghs, Carlos Ruiz, Jason Varitek, Career Best Legends George Sisler, Legends of the Game Mike Schmidt, Topps Town Curtis Granderson, Tim Redding, Evereth Cabrera, Paul Bako, Andy LaRoche


Comments: The funny thing about Topps is that the inserts are defintely hit or miss, and I don’t mean in quality. I;ve found over the last year or so that a pack will either contain two or three inserts, or just none at all. Odd coalation. I like the image used on the Andy LaRoche card, kind of a candid moment between he and Russell Martin.

FYI, If you’r elooking for Topps Town Codes, I’m debating about giving them away in some sort of contest …

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