Pack Break: 2009 Goudey; 2009 Topps Attax


Catching up on some breaks that are a few days old. Here we’ve got a sampling of single packs of retail 2009 Goudey baseball and 2009 Topps Attax baseball. Enjoy.

2009 Goudey

This year’s Goudey just begs for some extra comments …

Lou Marson, 152

Hey, mom, look at me. I’ve got my own baseball card.


Johnny Cueto, 53

I was how good when I came up? And how bad did 2008 turn out? You’re kidding me, right?


Brad Lidge, 159

Here comes a palm ball, or is it a change-up. Whatever it is,  I dare you to hit it.


Carlos Zambrano Big Heads, 298

Big Z has a Big Head, got a problem with that, batter? I’ll buzz’ your ass if you do.


4-In-One Goudey (John Lackey, Jeff Weaver, Eric Bedard, Felix Hernandez)

So, are we not good enough to have out OWN individual cards? All four of us are better than that Lou Marson guy …


Roy Oswalt, 80

So that’s how I would look if they were to create a wax statue of me.


Matt Antonelli, 164

This is proper technique if you’re looking to break your bat upon contact. Always face the bat label up.


Jason Varitek, 29

I’m very happy to have found a place in the private collection of SuperCollector Newspaperman. I promise not to let you down, Skip.


Product Comments: Eh. I think I’m done with Goudey. Was this 2009 edition even necessary? All of the cards look like freakin’ cartoons, and that’s a bad thing. That said, three of these cards are headed to my boy at Card Junkie, the Varitek is staying home, and I am looking to trade the other three (Zambrano, 4-in-one and Lidge) speak up if interested or forever hold your peace.

2009 Topps Attax

One pack, 99 cents, just to end the curiosity.

Akinori Iwamura


Mike Cameron


Scott Kazmir FOIL


Jonathan Papelbon


David DeJesus


Product Comments: The card stock on which these are printed is intriguing. It actually feels like rigid backing boards used for comic books. Not sure if I like it. I got my Red Sox card, so that made the pack worth while. The rest, eh … Dave T. speak up if you want these Rays.

One Response to “Pack Break: 2009 Goudey; 2009 Topps Attax”

  1. Sadly I could use the Zambrano card (boy do I hate the Cubs).

    Anything I could help you out with?

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