What’s wrong with this card?


This is not an error, just a regular old 2009 Topps issue of Ryan Spilborghs. But this card brings up an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Can anyone else spot the atrocity that is pictured here? (answer within)

It’s THIS GUY. Dude, you’re at the ball park, get off your cell phone!


4 Responses to “What’s wrong with this card?”

  1. A-MEN brother! To me, there is only one more annoying thing that happens at a ball park. That little kid who always seems to be sitting around the guy who catches a foul ball that has the nerve to say “let me have it”. I hate that kid! If you don’t give it to him, he gets all sad looking and then all the PC tools around you start giving you grief about it. If you want a foul ball, bring your glove and catch it ya little…

  2. Nice. At least he’s not picking his nose which I thought he was doing until you posted the closeup.

  3. owlatnight Says:

    I mentioned the very same thing when I featured this card:


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