The greatest Father’s Day gift ever

daddypicWe celebrated Father’s Day just a few days ago, and this was my first as an actual father. Last year my wife got a jumper (outfit) for a child that looked like a baseball uniform. I think it was created for a boy, but it was close enough to being unisex (white with red pinstripes) so it mattered not that a few months later we found out we were having a girl.

Anyhow, a week before this Father’s Day, I went to the card shop and my wife stayed in the car with our daughter. When I came out, she went in. Why? She wouldn’t tell me.

I thought she went in to purchase a gift certificate for me, because you know all father’s in our hobby would appreciate such a gesture. But it turned out she was buying a display case for a custom baseball. The ball has a picture of my daughter and I on one side, and then my wife used a gold ink pad and placed my daughter’s hand print on the other. You can see the ball in the image above … uh, never mind that clutter behind the ball and my picture frame, that’s just my work desk. Ha.

One Response to “The greatest Father’s Day gift ever”

  1. wow… this is one of the coolest presents ever. if i ever decide to get married and have children, i’d hope my wife would be cool enough to do this for me. congratulations… i bet this is one ball you’ll never throw up on ebay.

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