Celebrating America with Pack Breaks of ’07 Goudey

2007GoudeyPacksTarget got a new shipment of “Power Packs” this week, among them were these four 2007 Goudey. Priced at $1.59 a pack, I figured it was worth the “plunge” even though the miniature nature of this set leave me with mixed emotions. Is Anyone still working on this set?

Pack One:

Joe Mauer, 62


Derek Jeter, 34


David Wright, 136


Chone Figgins, 192

Eric Chavez, 38

Andy Pettitte, 10

Scott Kazmir, 142

Melvin Mora, 166

Pack Two:

Ivan Rodriguez, 7

Nomar Garciaparra, 159

Kevin Kouzmanoff, 183

Joe Mauer “Heads Up”, 247


Carlos Zambrano, 24

Grady Sizemore, 43


Felipe Lopez, 198

Ray Durham, 110

Pack Three:

Jacque Jones, 48

Corey Patterson, 115

Brandon Phillips, 139

Ken Griffey Jr “Heads Up”, 265


Jake Peavy, 49

Johan Santana, 63

Delmon Young, 197

Mark Teahen, 124

Pack Four:

Scott Rolen, 91

Gary Sheffield, 42

Ryan Howard, 102


Carlos Guillen, 126

Miguel Tejada, 78

John Smoltz, 64

Michael Cuddyer, 134

Mike Jacobs, 158

One Response to “Celebrating America with Pack Breaks of ’07 Goudey”

  1. Ha, I’m actually debating trying to complete the set. My shop has retail packs in its dollar bin, and I’ve somehow accumulated about a third of the entire thing. Though unless I can find a retail box of the stuff I’m not sure if I’ll commit to the rest of it or not!

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