Allen & Ginter Retail Blasters are Live!

2009ginterblasterTo my surprise, Allen & Ginter hit retail shelves this week as evidenced by this single Blaster I purchased. There also were two regular retail boxes at this Target store, but it was clear those had been picked through by some searcher. Blasters are the way to buy this product when it comes to retail anyway. You get eight packs for $19.99, or about $2.50 per. … BUT there are only six cards per pack. The hobby version carries eight cards. Anyway, the odds look pretty similar to the hobby version, save for the frequency of the hits, and the lack of Rip Cards.  (Here is the scan of the wrappers. The top one is Hobby, bottom is Retail.) Keep reading for the Blaster break. Just a heads up, I beat the odds.

Pack One: Khalil Greene, Elvis Andrus, Herb Simpson, GINTER CODE Vernon Wells (1:12), MINI John Maine, National Pride Alfonson Soriano


Pack Two: Alfonso Soriano, Dexter Fowler, Cole Hamels, SP Andy LaRoche, SP MINI Old Faithful (1:13), National Pride Jose Contreras

Pack Three: John Lackey, Troy Tulowitzki, FRAMED RELIC C.C. Sabathia (1:?? — He’s not listed on box), NATIONAL HEROES MINI USA (1:12), National Pride Hanley Ramirez, Code false card



Pack Four: Melvin Mora, Trevor Cahill, Simpson/Bunker, Chris Davis, MINI A&G Back Casey Black (1:5), National Pride John Lackey, Code false card

Pack Five: Brandon Webb, Art Pennington, Josh Whitesell, SP Justin Duchscherer, BLACK MINI David Freese (1:10), National Pride Miguel Tejada


Pack Six: Akinori Iwamura, Yadier Molina, Brian McCann, SP Christian Guzman, MINI HOAXES The War of the Worlds (1:12), National Pride Nick Markakis


Pack Seven: Mike Aviles, Felix Hernandez, Jeff Clement, BASEBALL HIGHLIGHTS SKETCH Carlos Zambrano (1:6),  MINI A&G Back Luke Hochevar (1:5), National Pride Grady Sizemore


Pack Eight: Luke Hochevar, Samuel Morse, Walton Glenn Eller, SP Old Faithful, MINI CREATURES Cerebus (1:48), National Pride Rich Harden.

2009AGCreaturesCerberusComments: Odds? We don’t need no stinkin’ odds. I may not have pulled anything really expensive, but this blaster was full of good pulls. From the Ginter Code card in the first pack, to the Sabathia Relic and George Washington National Heroes Mini in Pack Three to the Mini Hoaxes and Creatures inserts toward the end, this blaster packed a ton of bang for the buck. The downside, I didn’t pull any base cards I needed for my set. Gah!

7 Responses to “Allen & Ginter Retail Blasters are Live!”

  1. Not bad, I am going to have to see if my local Target has a couple blasters on the rack. They did have the box of regular retail, but it looked gone through like yours did. I guess I just need to know when they are stocked so I have a better chance before the go through-ers – go through.

  2. Sweet, I may have to pick up a blaster eventually. The individual packs also appeared searched through (sideways and scattered, with only one or two packs having been removed). A shame that we have to deal with that now, but I guess it’s just what the world has come to.

  3. Hey, long time no talk! I am interested in collecting the sketch cards from this set. Any chance that you might be willing to send Big Z up North? Let me know!

  4. drewscards Says:

    Any chance of trading the CC?

  5. hey, just caught your note about Tulo. Give me a shout on email and lets work out something.

  6. […] I know you were waiting for this all week. And you know these blasters are supposed to be all stuffed to the gills with relics and autos and DNA shizznit and what have […]

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