Mark Buehrle’s signature is almost perfect

Well, I finally found what I’ve been looking for, only I’m a few weeks late. You see, when Mark Buehrle threw his perfect game a few weeks back, I immediately thought about one of the oddest signatures I own — the 2004 Donruss card serial numbered to 141. I’ve owned the card for a few years, and thought I knew where I had placed it. But you know how things go, when you really want to find something, you can’t.

BuehrleautosI’m a few weeks late, but the card, which I found Saturday while cleaning the house, is still worth mentioning because there have been a number of bloggers who have shown off their Buehrle autos and I’d venture a guess that almost none of them look like this 2004 Donruss card, shown on the right.

There has been much virtual ink spilled talking about how great of a guy Buehrle is, and how he is an excellent TTM signer; one example is this 2002 Donruss Originals card I received from him last season. But where was Buehle’s mind when he decided to sign this sticker with just his initials and jersey number? It may not be the prettiest “signature,” but this is without a doubt one of the oddest ones.

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