Love It, Hate It: 2005 Donruss Cal Ripken ’85 Diamond Kings Reprint

2005Donruss85DKRipkenRPI have a love/hate relationship when it comes to reprint cards. There are a few types of reprints I don’t mind owning, like that of the 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner, or the 1915 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson. But when it comes to reprints of modern cards, I’m kind of baffled about their existence. Sometimes I love ’em, sometimes I hate ’em.

In 2005, Donruss decided to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the 1985 set by issuing reprints of some of the Diamond King subsets from that year. One of them was this Cal Ripken Jr. pictured here.

I traded for this card, which is limited to … 1,985 copies, clever … about three weeks ago, and took it on pretty much as a tradebait piece. I don’t love or hate Ripken per se, but it is not difficult to find someone who would be willing to trade me some Red Sox for this card. I traded for it sight unseen, figuring that these reprint Diamond Kings usually look pretty snazzy.

But when this one arrived, I kind of got an upset feeling in my stomach, like someone had kicked me in the balls. The card is what it is, so there was no chicanery there. It is indeed the reprint that was advertised, and it is “limited.” But for some reason this looks like a piss-poor knockoff. The card design is exactly like that of the 1985 set, which I happen to enjoy, but the design here looks fuzzy, and the card ends up looking like someone just made a photocopy of the old card.

Judging by what you see here, what is your reaction? Do you like (love) or dislike (hate) the card?

3 Responses to “Love It, Hate It: 2005 Donruss Cal Ripken ’85 Diamond Kings Reprint”

  1. Reprints of cards from the ’80s are ridiculous. Isn’t the basic purpose of a reprint so that collectors can have a card in their hands that’s basically unattainable? There ain’t no unattainable ’80s cards!

    I remember getting a reprint of a 1983 Topps Tom Niedenfuer card. It was the first time I knew they were doing this kind of stuff. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  2. i am a big cal ripken fan…but the card looks like crap.

  3. I don’t like it… There’s already too many of the original 1985 Ripken Diamond King cards. If they really just wanted a numbered version of this card, why not do a buyback variation… and even this is pretty ridiculous.

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