Thrift Treasures Part XII: A WHOLE game-used bat for less than $3

Cromartie1Damnit, I love thrift stores. So many random things run through these places that there is virtually no way of telling what you’ll ever find. Tuesday was a perfect example as I unearthed a game-used Warren Cromartie bat for less than the price of a single pack of baseball cards.

I have little question as to the authenticity of this bat, but what I cannot figure out is who the hell signed it. Take a look at these pictures. Here we’ve got a Mizuno Pro C002 Cromartie model with a bunch of pine tar and a cracked handle. The previous owner foolishly glued it back together, but this matters not to I. That signature (the bold one with “#32”, n0t the factory stamped Cromartie #49) is not familiar to me.


Cromartie played in the Bigs in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and then returned for one season in 1991. In between he spent time playing in Japan. I did some quick research yesterday about this bat and it does appear to be from his days in Japan, probably late 1980s, or maybe 1990. The Japanese Baseball Museum has one — exact model — on display, per pictures from the Internet. The problem: The Web site is written in all Japanese, and the images they show there are very small. I’ve got to find the image again so I can link to it.


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