The Times They Are a Changin’ … again

It’s been nearly three weeks since I purchased a pack of cards, and before that it had been several weeks. So in a nut shell, my card buying habits have changed a lot in the last six weeks, particularly after the Allen & Ginter rush. But this is not to say that I’ve left the hobby, this is to say that I’ve again taken a new appreciation for what it is that I really like.

Like many collectors, we buy cards merely for the sake of buying, often because the thrill of the chase or the feeling of obtaining something new brings instant satisfaction. But truth is … does it really make you happy? I’m no there to judge anyone else, but for me, the answer is, and has been, no for a long time.

I’ve again shifted the focus of my collection and stuck primarily to Red Sox cards in recent weeks. I’ve executed a couple of trades through this blog and The Bench to obtain cards that aren’t exactly worth a pretty penny, yet have become theoretically invaluable to me.

A big shout goes to Beardy, who sent me a package a few weeks ago in exchange for some Orioles cards. I’ve got more to send your way when I can get my stuff together. Also a holler to Night Owl, whose sent me a package out of the blue the other day. Speaking of blue, I’ve got some more Dodgers for you …. And to Larry L. in Lubbock, Texas,  whose package of Bostonians arrived yesterday. Imagine my excitement when I opened the box and found autographs of Kevin Youkilis and Clay Buchholz, and about 150 Red Sox cards I didn’t have before. What does he want in exchange? Cubs.

I’ve got a ton of stuff, thousands of cards that have been sitting around for years, some that are worth more than others, but all equally sitting stagnant in my collection. If anyone out there is interested in a particular players or team and is willing to deal some Red Sox cards to me, shoot me an e-mail (

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