Topps Heritage “anniversary” Buybacks

1960ToppsJerryZimmermanI’ve purchased my fair share of Topps Heritage since its inception in 2001, and in recent years I’ve always been intrigued by the specially marked originals (BuyBacks) cards Topps has been inserting in Hobby boxes. Well, thanks to a trade and a recent eBay purchase, I’ve finally been able to say that I obtain two versions of a vintage card: the original, and the Heritage specially marked “anniversary” throwback of the 1960 Topps Jerry Zimmerman rookie, card No. 146.

On a side note, has anyone actually seen anything good come out of the special buyback packs?

One Response to “Topps Heritage “anniversary” Buybacks”

  1. Hey, thanks for posting this. I have always been curious as to the “stamp” that people always talk about on the cards. I will probably never have the luck to obtain one of these, but I would be happy to get any old card just to say I got one. but a Heritage buyback or even a Goodwins Champion buyback would be really sweet.

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