More examples of why 1991 Topps is underrated

I won’t make any outlandish statements here about how this set should be worth more. But I will offer two more examples that show why this set features some of the nicest baseball photography, and displaying such images didn’t require flashy foil, slick card fronts or even a special name. A few months ago I highlighted my all-time favorite Roger Clemens card, which also hails from the ’91 set. Here are two of his teammates from that year:

Dwight Evans


Wade Boggs


4 Responses to “More examples of why 1991 Topps is underrated”

  1. 1991 Topps was one of the best designed sets of the 90s. And for great photography check out the 91 Topps cards of Benito Santiago, Carlton Fisk and Roger Clemens.

  2. I forgot about the Benito from that set, good call. The Oscar Azocar card (balencing a baseball between two bats) was also cool.

  3. There’s also the Walt Weiss card (many people’s favorite), and the Shane Mack card (probably my favorite).

  4. Oh yeah, that Weiss card is badass. Easy one of the best images ever caught on a baseball card.

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