Stupid Inserts Part II: 2004 UD Vintage 3-D Sluggers

2004VintageSluggersJohnnyDamonVintage sets are all the rage these days, and they have been for the better part of the last decade. Ever since Topps released 2001 Topps Heritage — a hat tip to the 1952 Topps design — companies left and right have worked to produce their own replica sets. In 20o4, Upper Deck sorta thought outside of the box and tried to remake the 1954 Red Heart set. Don’t worry if you don’t remember the original set, it’s not exactly a mainstream set. (Kinda negates the purpose, no?)

Anyway, the base 2004 Vintage set was a complete failure and utterly hideous in my opinion. But within that set was one of the dumbest subsets I’ve ever seen. Enter the “3-D Sluggers.” I suppose these were also a tribute to a vintage set — any of the 1960s or 1970s Kellogg’s 3-D cards — but why is this part of this Vintage set? Secondly, the technology used in these remake 3-D cards is so crappy that the 3-D effect does not translate as well as the originals. The end result is a one-dimensional image that appears blurry because of the plastic coating. And lastly the name: Sluggers. Is Johnny Damon, the guy featured on the pictured card, your idea of a premier power hitter? Not I. Hell, Damon had 12 total homers in 2003, the year before this card was released. TWELVE.

One Response to “Stupid Inserts Part II: 2004 UD Vintage 3-D Sluggers”

  1. I agree… Damon isn’t known for being a slugger. By the way, I love those 80’s Kellogg’s baseball sets!

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