Victoria Beckham’s Rookie Card

Victoria1Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1997, when my wife and I were first dating, she was Victoria2working at a music store in the mall. You know, one of those places where all the cool kids hung out before being emo and just chillin’ Online was the trend. Back then Nintendo 64 was still all the rage, Tiger Woods was just becoming the national hero that he is today, and the Spice Girls were No. 1 here and abroad. Well, being the card collecting fool that I am, I hit my wife up for one of the promotional card sheets the store was using to lure children into pre-ordering VHS copies of Spice World. Lo and behold here we are some 12 years later and I’ve got myself something relevant — a Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) rookie card. Behold the greatness. Damn, it’d be awesome to get her to sign this …

One Response to “Victoria Beckham’s Rookie Card”

  1. Cool! I wonder if PSA or BGS would grade it. Maybe not, PSA would grade it Evident of trim (LOL!)

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