Red Sox fan cheering for the Yankees to win World Series

JeterringsI’m going to say this right up front, and you can bash me if you want — I want to see the Yankees win the World Series.

This is borderline blasphemous coming from a Red Sox fan, I get it. But for the good of the game, I want to see the New York Yankees bring home  a title. I want to see Derek Jeter get his fifth ring and A-rod his first. I want the rest of baseball to feel like the Yankees slighted them once again so that the Evil Empire will truly again be considered the Evil Empire. After all, how scary is a villain if he has not had some recent success in being a bad guy?

You see, when it comes down to it, I am a fan of baseball, a fan of the game’s history. I’m not a narrow-minded A-hole whose season ends the second the final out is cast upon his team. I don’t simply jump to another sport because my squad is out of title contention.

I cheer good plays, even if they are against my Red Sox; I celebrate momentous home runs no matter who hits them, even if they are by Aaron Boone and Bucky Dent; and I believe that a team like the Yankees — considered to be the most successful franchise in the history of the game — should taste a championship at least once a decade even if only to serve as a remembrance of the past.

A Yankee title will add to the lore of the game, and also reinvigorate the hate for the franchise. Simply disliking them because they spend a ton of money is not enough. For the good of baseball, we must see a Yankee victory this year. You know you’d love to hate that.

6 Responses to “Red Sox fan cheering for the Yankees to win World Series”

  1. I am a fan of two teams, the Red Sox, and anybody else but the yankees. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. You think I dislike the Yankees just because they spend a lot of money? Where’s my list?

    (By the way, that’s what many Yankees fans think: they think we’re jealous of the money that they spend and that’s why we don’t like them. Sure it’s a factor, but it goes much deeper than that).

    I personally am rooting for every other team in major league baseball to get as many World Series titles as the Yankees have. That’s when I’ll root for the Yankees again. Or maybe not.

    That aside, for obvious reasons, I cannot root for the Yankees.

  3. For the record, Greg, I do want to see the Dodgers in the World Series. And truthfully, if they were to beat the Yankees, I’d be perfectly fine with that.

  4. JD's Daddy Says:

    I am still completely boggled by this. WHY would you ever want Arod to win a title? I think you need to send me all of your Sox autos ASAP.

  5. JD's Daddy Says:

    almost 24 hours detached and my head is still reeling. WOW. Ugly Jeter card by the way 🙂

  6. […] Red Sox fan rejoices When the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs a few weeks back, I openly stated that I was cheering for the Yankees to win their 27th World Series. It was a statement that drew a little criticism from fellow Red Sox fans. Well, now that the […]

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